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PM Control Services

CrunchTech provides comprehensive Project Management Controls services to many of the international and regional project owners, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors to sustain their project management processes. CrunchTech has expertise in controlling and tracking capital asset programs and projects. Our primary goal is to provide value-added tracking and analysis of project data to allow project management as well as line management to proactively alleviate unnecessary schedule delays or negative cost impacts.

Our Services

Project Baseline & Updates 

CrunchTech will help your organization to develop its project baseline plan at the desired level of detail following best international planning and scheduling practices. Our team will develop the project’s work breakdown structure (WBS) to ensure that the project scope of work has been covered in full. This will be followed by a detailed resource and cost-loaded project plan in accordance with the approved assumptions and constraints. During the project execution, our team will update the project plan periodically to assess project status and progress trends. Variance analysis including schedule delays and cost overruns will be reported using earned value metrics plus 14 other special performance metrics.


Project Health Check & Schedule Correction

CrunchTech will help your organization to do a health check of the schedule to determine anomalies like missing logic, hard & soft constraints that will impact risk analysis, lags and leads, merge hotspots, long-duration activities, redundant logic, etc. A report on all anomalies will be presented to the client and CrunchTech can also provide services to do schedule correction in order to have a good quality schedule as per project management best practices.


Cost Estimate

CrunchTech will help your organization develop their project cost estimates using the state of art Nomitech CostOS software. CostOS features include Cost Estimating with Centralized Relational Resource Cost Databases, Online Cost Databases with Emphasis on the Spon's Database for the UK construction industry and Richardson's Database for the Oil and Gas sector, Synchronization with Oracle's Primavera P6, Integration with the On-Screen Takeoff (2D) system and quantity takeoff from 3D+ BIM (Building Information Models) and Embedded BIM technology in Cost Estimating, "Estimate what you see" method and the latest advancements in the EPC and AEC industries.


Total Cost management

CrunchTech will help your organization develop a total cost management solution designed for companies managing capital projects with best-in-breed software ARES PRISMG2. With PRISMG2, you can easily integrate and standardize processes with Capital Planning & Budgeting, Cost Management, Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Administration, and Construction. PRISMG2 is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-adopt solution that provides organizations with increased visibility throughout the project lifecycle. Seamlessly combine budget, committed costs, actual costs, changes, progress data, and schedule dates required to effectively communicate forecasts with accurate measurement of overall progress and earned value performance. PRISMG2 empowers companies to consistently complete projects on time and within budget.


Project Risk Management Workshops 

Project Risk Management Workshops CrunchTech certified project risk management consultants will carry out an independent assessment of the risks on a bid or project and will define an appropriate Risk Plan so that the project has the best ability to succeed. The scope of services will include compiling the risk register, analyzing the risks using impact and probability, identifying actions to be taken to treat the top risks, and establishing a Risk Plan to define how the top risks will be managed throughout the project. CrunchTech will provide the client with the option of using Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA), or DELTEK ACUMEN RISK for developing the risk register and impact and probability matrix and performing monte-carlo simulations, and generating the required risk reports.


Project Delay Analysis and Damages Quantification 

CrunchTech will help your organization analyze any delays encountered in the project’s execution following best practices in forensic delays analysis. This will enable you to set liabilities for encountered delays and assess whether these will entitle the contractor to time extension and entitlement of any financial compensation. Our analysis covers areas of loss productivity and acceleration. Our vast knowledge of different types of contract agreements such as FIDIC, NEC3, and others will help your organization understand their own delay-related entitlements under these contracts clauses.

Let's Work Together

To know more, receive quotes, or request a customized consulting service get in touch with us and an expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

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